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1 in 23,000,000 by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman PDF

By Dr. Peter S. Ruckman

There are over 23 million books within the Library of Congress. One sticks out especially others. it's the approved King James Bible. here's a publication, the Holy Bible, written via 40 male authors, writing from 3 continents, via a interval of greater than 1,800 years, and it monitors a mathematical miracle, facing historic occasions, that no machine may well reveal. What specific quirk of perverted good judgment could lead any "modern guy" to miss any such e-book? along this e-book, the Holy Bible, all different "holy writings" are only affordable, shallow, superficial, non secular nonsense. a guy is a deluded idiot to wager opposed to the Book.
-Using historical past and prophecy, Dr. Ruckman exhibits how the Holy Bible surpasses all different so-called “sacred books” and human philosophies from the first actual verse.
-The mathematical phenomena mentioned during this paintings have by no means been duplicated through any writer, any scientist, or any computing device in six millennia.

About the author:
Dr. Peter S. Ruckman bought his Bachelor of Arts measure from the college of Alabama and accomplished his formal schooling with six years of teaching at Bob Jones collage (four complete years and sped up summer time sessions), finishing specifications for the grasp of Arts and health practitioner of Philosophy degree.
Reading at a expense of 7 hundred phrases in line with minute, Dr. Ruckman had controlled to examine 6,500 books earlier than receiving his doctorate, and he nonetheless reads a standard of a ebook each one day.
Dr. Ruckman stands for absolutely the authority of the approved model and provides no apology to any famous pupil anyplace for his stand. as well as preaching the gospel and instructing the Bible, Dr. Ruckman has produced a accomplished choice of apologetic and polemic literature and assets aiding the authority of the approved model of the Holy Scriptures.

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3. M an’s belief in Atheism. The word “God” was in the verse. There went M. M. O ’Hair and the Na­ tional Association for the Advancement of Atheism, along with Voltaire, Rousseau, Bertrand Russell, Bob Ingersoll, and every other fool (see Psa. 14:1 for the word I used; I didn’t originate it). 4. M an’s belief in Fatalism— a Universe blindly following its own path of “evolution” without regard to its human inhabitants. In Genesis 1, God intervenes in time and creates an earth for the purpose of inhabit­ ing it (see Isa.

How could Joshua 10:12-13 pos­ sibly be history? And what on earth would you do with Matthew 25:31-32 and Revelation 20:11-14 as “his­ tory” ?! So out goes G od’s Book on history as He sees it! , The Koran, The Gemara, The Mishna, The Book o f Mormon, Thrice Greatest Hermes, etc. At any rate, Moses sat down again to finish Gen­ esis; the Lord finally finished it with Genesis 50:2426. Then the Lord patted Moses on the back and said, “Now you see there? There is that chosen Shepherd Son, who was betrayed, sold, imprisoned, and then exalted.

An assassin “whacked” a victim by stabbing him under the fifth rib. Man, what revelations a man can gain through meditating on his “God consciousness” ! Glory, Alle­ luia! And look at this one. Boy, aren’t you glad that God put TH IS in His Book to give you light. “Jerahm eel had also another wife, whose name was Atarah; she was the mother of Onam” (1 Chron. 2:26). Get it? Boy, what a divine revelation! What in the name of Allah, purgatory, “Hail Mary,” election, absolute contrition, Golden Rules, mantras, meditation, Ramadan, Yang and Yin, Karma, rosaries, novenas, indulgences, prayer wheels, candles, Yoga, Fatima, Shehadas, regeneration, or the Sabbath does any of that stuff have to do with anything “religious” in anybody’s “religion” ?

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1 in 23,000,000 by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman

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