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A Chinese-English dictionary: Hakka-dialect, as spoken in by D. MacIver, M.C. MacKenzie PDF

By D. MacIver, M.C. MacKenzie

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Sovereign: souverain. thank: remercier, remercies, remercie, remerciez, remercions, remercient. therein: en cela. thou: tu, vous, toi. thy: ton. virtuous: vertueux. whisper: chuchoter, chuchotement, murmurer. writ: acte de signification, acte judiciaire, mandat. youthful: jeune, juvénile. 44 All's Well That Ends Well KING. % HELENA. --Sir, will you hear my suit? FIRST LORD. And grant it. HELENA. Thanks, sir; all the rest is mute. LAFEU. I had rather be in this choice than throw ames-ace for my life.

Dinner: dîner, déjeuner, souper. displeasure: déplaisir, mécontentement. idle: inactif, fainéant, ralenti, au repos, inoccupé, paresseux, fainéanter. leapt: sauté. lies: git, ment. mistaken: abusif, trompé. nut: écrou, noix, fruit à coque, coinceur. possession: possession. residence: résidence, domicile, demeure, habitation, logis, logement, gîte. save: épargner, épargne, épargnes, épargnent, épargnez, épargnons, sauver, économiser, sauve, sauves, sauvons. shift: décalage, équipe, déplacer, changement, poste, décaler, changer.

Girls: filles. heed: attention. higher: plus haut. hither: ici. inherit: hériter, hérite, hérites, héritez, héritons, héritent. language: langue, langage. majesty: majesté, seigneurie. retires: retire. shrinks: rétrécit. warnings: avertissements. wed: marier, me marie, vous mariez, te maries, nous marions, mariezvous, se marient. woo: faire la cour. worthy: digne. William Shakespeare 29 PAROLLES. % BERTRAM. I shall stay here the forehorse to a smock, Creaking my shoes on the plain masonry, Till honour be bought up, and no sword worn But one to dance with!

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A Chinese-English dictionary: Hakka-dialect, as spoken in Kwang-tung province by D. MacIver, M.C. MacKenzie

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