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Read e-book online A Kiss of Shadows PDF

By Laurell K. Hamilton

ISBN-10: 0345423402

ISBN-13: 9780345423405

“My identify is Meredith Gentry, yet after all it’s now not my actual identify. I dare now not even whisper my precise identify after darkish for worry that one hushed notice will go back and forth over the evening winds to the tender ear of my aunt, the Queen of the Air and Darkness. She wishes me lifeless. I don’t even comprehend why.”Meredith Gentry, Princess of the excessive court docket of Faerie, is posing as a human in l. a., residing as a P.I. focusing on supernatural crime. yet now the Queen’s murderer has been dispatched to fetch her back–whether she likes it or now not. all at once Meredith unearths herself a pawn in her dreaded aunt’s plans. The activity that awaits her: benefit from the consistent corporation of the main appealing immortal males on this planet. The present: the crown–and the chance to proceed to reside. The penalty for failure: loss of life.

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Oil squeezed out of the cloth, gliding in slow lines from his chest, across the flat smoothness of his stomach, trailing ever lower. He was already smooth and hard, but when the oil slid over him, his breath caught in a sharp hiss. He ran one hand down his stomach, spreading the oil in a gleaming sheet across the pale perfection of his skin. I should have told him to stop, should have screamed for help, but I watched his hand move lower, until he cupped himself, slid the oil over the hardness of himself.

I took that sex, that need, and wrapped it in my mind, and shoved it into the spell. The cloak wavered, and for a second I almost saw what lay behind it, but Alistair went to his knees, blocking my view. He pulled his underwear down his hips, his thighs, and I was suddenly staring at the hard, gleaming length of him. It took my breath away for a second, not because he was so wonderful, but just out of pure need. It was as if my body saw the cure for all this need, and the cure was lying flat against Alistair\'s belly.

I called, \"I\'m here. \" I reached my hand out from under the bed, waving it, but unable to move farther without getting cut on the glass. A hand gripped mine, and someone laid a suit jacket over the glass so that Roane could pull me out from Page 36 Laurell K. Hamilton: Meredith Gentry 01 A Kiss of Shadows under the bed. It wasn\'t until he was cradling me in his arms that I realized I was still covered in Branwyn\'s Tears, and what that might mean for us. But I\'d gotten a glimpse of what lay on the bed, and it stole the words from my mouth.

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