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A Monte Carlo Primer: Volume 2 by Stephen A. Dupree, Stanley K. Fraley PDF

By Stephen A. Dupree, Stanley K. Fraley

ISBN-10: 1441990364

ISBN-13: 9781441990365

ISBN-10: 1461347688

ISBN-13: 9781461347682

In quantity 1, A Monte Carlo Primer - a pragmatic method of Radiation delivery (the "Primer"), we strive to supply an easy, handy, and step by step method of the advance, easy figuring out, and use of Monte Carlo tools in radiation shipping. utilizing the computer, the Primer starts off through constructing uncomplicated Monte Carlo codes to unravel basic delivery difficulties, then introduces a educating device, the Probabilistic Framework Code (PFC), as a typical platform for assembling, checking out, and executing many of the Monte Carlo strategies which are offered. This moment quantity makes an attempt to proceed this strategy by utilizing either customized Monte Carlo codes and PFC to use the innovations defined within the Primer to acquire strategies to the routines given on the finish of every bankruptcy within the Primer. a comparatively modest variety of workouts is integrated within the Primer. a few ambiguity is left within the assertion of a few of the routines as the rationale isn't to have the person write a selected, uniquely right piece of coding that produces a particular quantity therefore, yet quite to inspire the person to contemplate the issues and increase additional the recommendations defined within the textual content. simply because often there's multiple method to remedy a Monte Carlo shipping challenge, we think that operating with the ideas illustrated through the routines is extra vital than acquiring somebody specific solution.

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Unbiased results WRITE(6,14)j,sumg/j,stdev,stdev/SQRT(~T(j)) ! 4, reduces the standard deviation of the result by about 25% for the same number of samples, compared with the unbiased calculation. While not huge, this reduction is nonetheless significant. We have not as yet defined a quantitative expression for the efficiency of a Monte Carlo calculation. Reducing the variance in a result does not imply that a gain was made in efficiency since it may have taken longer to obtain the improved result than to obtain the original result.

4P into a pdf, show that the "expected value" of the distance traveled is lI~t. 4P is the exponential distribution, n(x) = n(O)e-l:,x The pdf for this distribution is obtained by finding the appropriate normalization. 1) Then f(x) is a pdf since f(x) ~O and If(x)dx = lover the limits 0 :5; x < 00. A random point can be selected from the distribution f(x) by setting the corresponding cumulative distribution function equal to a random number ~ over the range (0,1). That is, 27 S. A. 14P. 2 to sample for x and determines the mean free path (mfp) for neutron transport in a material with a total cross section L t = I.

When the energy of the neutron is less than or equal to 100 keY we assume inelastic scattering is not possible and that all scattering is elastic and isotropic in the center of mass. 4. 6. SS. O}S'lDP ! ; W = 1. ; ~ = O. log (fl tm () ) pick a point IF((ytest-xtest-l . GE. 0 27 FCR>1l\T (' M2an sq dist to abs ',lp2e12. 3,' age ',lpe12. 7. 2, Part a SUBRCUI'INE Be (bezs, e,beciens) bexs=6. 8 accommodates this change. 2P, and is not repeated. 9P, is also included without change. 7. 8. 2b Scattering is energy-dependent; elastic is isotropic in center of mass, inelastic is isocrcpic in lab.

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