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A Moral Defense of Recreational Drug Use - download pdf or read online

By Rob Lovering

ISBN-10: 1137528680

ISBN-13: 9781137528681

ISBN-10: 1349552496

ISBN-13: 9781349552498

Why does American legislation enable the leisure use of a few medications, equivalent to alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine, yet no longer others, corresponding to marijuana, cocaine, and heroin? the reply lies no longer easily within the damage using those medications could reason, yet within the perceived morality--or lack thereof--of their leisure use. regardless of powerful rhetoric from ethical critics of leisure drug use, in spite of the fact that, it's unusually tricky to parent the explanations they've got for deeming the leisure use of (some) medications morally unsuitable. during this publication, Rob Lovering lays out and dissects quite a few arguments for the immorality of utilizing marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and different medicinal drugs recreationally. He contends that, commonly, those arguments don't be successful. Lovering's publication represents one of many first works to systematically current, study, and critique arguments for the ethical wrongness of leisure drug use. Given this, in addition to the recognition of the morality-based protection of the USA' drug legislation, this e-book is a vital and well timed contribution to the controversy at the leisure use of drugs.

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8 Of course, all else may not be equal. The question, then, is whether recreational drug use involves anything bad or otherwise objectionable such that, all things considered, the case for its moral impermissibility is stronger than the case for its moral permissibility. In this chapter and the four that follow it, I attempt to determine whether this is in fact the case. Difficulties with Harm-Based Arguments With the preceding argument for the moral permissibility of recreational drug use in mind, let us now turn our attention to arguments against recreational drug use, starting with self-regarding harm-based arguments.

72 The implicit claim here, of course, is that one should not snort heroin. But which sense of “should” is at work—the prudential or the moral? If the prudential sense is at work, then the implicit claim is that one should not snort heroin given one’s desires, interests, purposes, or needs. But if this is all the message amounts to, then the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, in the form of the young woman, doth protest too much. For if all that is at work is the prudential sense of “should,” one could reply (correctly, I might add, and to be addressed later) that, statistically speaking, INTRODUCTION 25 the probability of reaching such a level of loss through the recreational use of heroin—one involving the loss of one’s family and friends and money and future and so on—is rather low.

For example, a researcher who studies the neurotoxic effects . . of MDMA in rodents is not necessarily the best person to educate the public about that drug’s effects on people. In their experiments, the animal is given as much as ten times the amount of drug that a human would take. So it wouldn’t be surprising that MDMA, given in these large doses, can cause damage to brain cells. 14 Hart makes similar comments about members of law enforcement and members of the media. Regarding the former, he states that police officers “don’t receive training in pharmacology .

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