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By Inc. BarCharts

ISBN-10: 1572225165

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Eirik moved south and - probably with the help of his in-laws and perhaps by force - took and cleared land at Haukadal, an area of grass and birch woods on an arm of the Breidafjord. But Eirik was never much for peaceful coexistence. Violence was always surging in his soul, and soon another feud resulted in the bloody deaths of two of his neighbors. Again Eirik was forced to flee. He dismantled his house, timber being too valuable in wood-scarce Iceland to leave behind, and moved on Oxney, on a Breidafjord promontory about fifty miles west of Haukadal.

Leif named it Markland, or Land of Forests. Enticing though Markland must have been, Leif was determined to explore further. ” In this case, a doegr, a measure of both time and distance, probably meant a two-day journey of about 165 miles. The island on which they landed was doubtless Belle Isle, about fifteen miles north of Newfoundland and northeast of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. ” “Then,” the saga continues, “they returned to the ship and sailed through the channel between the island and a cape jutting out to the north of the mainland” - almost certainly Cape Bauld, Newfoundland.

The mariners also risked daily death in their icy home waters. One of the most harrowing of the Greenland stories tells of Thorgils Orrabeinsfostri, who with his family (including an infant son) and some companions were shipwrecked in a storm that swept him onto the island’s bleak east coast. Thorgils fashioned a crude boat from the wreckage of their craft. The castaways rowed hundreds of miles through icy channels and, when it became choked beyond passage, dragged their lifeboat across vast expanses of ice and snow.

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