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Get African philosophy and thought systems : a search for a PDF

By Munyaradzi Mawere, Tapuwa R. Mubaya

The as soon as acrimonious debate at the lifestyles of African philosophy has come of age, but the necessity to domesticate a tradition of belonging is extra tough now than ever ahead of in lots of African societies. The gargantuan indelible energised chicanery waves of neo-colonialism and globalisation and their sweeping influence on Africa call for extra concerted motion and recommendations than cul-de-sac discourses and magical realism. It is  Read more...

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Conclusion The present chapter has problematised the conceptualisation of Africa and African philosophy with a view to unpack the nature, scope, and value of African philosophy to contemporary societies in Africa and beyond. It has underscored the fact that while the question of the existence of African philosophy is long dead and buried, it remains fundamentally important even today if African philosophy as a discipline is to be well grasped and its direction determined. The chapter has also acknowledged that while discussions on and around African philosophy have taken place in many circles inside and outside Africa, little attention has been given to the question of the value and significance of African philosophy: more attention has been devoted on arguments seeking to prove the existence of African philosophy as well as those distinguishing African philosophies from other philosophies such as Eastern philosophy, Western philosophy, and American philosophy.

In fact, for him, to be an African means to be ahistorical and mythical. It is clear that even today, many Euro-centric scholars and organisations in the global north still support the idea that “Africa” is stuck as a tag such that it remains nothing less than an idea. ” in 1984, and The Economist’s “Hopeless Continent” in 2000, all widely rebut the idea of “Africa” as a reality and a continent capable of doing what other continents like America and Europe could do. The global ruling class increasingly derives its conversation from The Economist such that as recent as December 2011, the Magazine’s cover proclaimed: “Africa Rising”.

Omoregbe (1993), for instance, contends that morality is the integrated function of both reason and the passions. He argues that both rationality and passions are essential ingredients of morality. Man is the only being that combines rationality and passions; hence, morality is uniquely human. Man is therefore a harmonious blend of passions and reason. On the other hand, aesthetic deals with the norm of beauty. In other words, this branch of axiology is concerned with appreciating beauty in nature and art.

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