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Alchemy and Chemistry in the 16th and 17th Centuries by Michela Pereira (auth.), Piyo Rattansi, Antonio Clericuzio PDF

By Michela Pereira (auth.), Piyo Rattansi, Antonio Clericuzio (eds.)

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ISBN-13: 9789401107785

The current quantity owes its ongm to a Colloquium on "Alchemy and Chemistry within the 16th and 17th Centuries", held on the Warburg Institute on twenty sixth and twenty seventh July 1989. The Colloquium involved in a couple of chosen subject matters in the course of a heavily outlined chronological period: at the relation of alchemy and chemistry to drugs, philosophy, faith, and to the corpuscular philosophy, within the 16th and 17th centuries. The kinfolk among Medicina and alchemy within the Lullian treatises have been tested within the beginning paper by means of Michela Pereira, according to researches on unpublished manuscript resources within the interval among the 14th and seventeenth centuries. it really is a number of a long time because the researches of R.F. Multhauf gave a renowned position to Johannes de Rupescissa in linking drugs and alchemy during the notion of a quinta essentia. Michela Pereira explores the importance of the Lullian culture during this improvement and attracts realization to the truth that the early Paracelsians had themselves famous a kinfolk resemblance among the works of Paracelsus and Roger Bacon's scientia experimentalis and, certainly, a continuity with the Lullian tradition.

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6. De vita longa, W I, 3, p. 62 (on Arnald of Villanova); p. 263 (on the followers of Arnald and Rupescissa); pp. 264 and 274 (on Arehelaos); pp. 272 and 275 (on Lull); p. 277 (on Rupescissa, Albert, Thomas and the followers of Lull); p. 289 (on the artes lullianae). 7. Elf Traktat (Von Farbsuchten), W I, p. 57: "Es ligt nit an dem, das ein ding nit siehtig gesehieht; dan unsichtigs gibt den erfarnen glerten, das siehtig nit". 8. Paragranum (/etzte Bearbeitung), W I, 8, p. 177: "von dem nun, das unsichtbar ist, sol der arzt reden ....

For precedents for this theme in alchemical literature, see, for example. Richardus Anglicus, Correctorium, TC 2, p. 386: "Quamvis enim ars naturam non transcendat, faciens novam naturam per simplicem laborem, tamen ars transcendit naturam, quoad illam naturam quam potest proprie subtiliare. Et ideo dicitur: Ars imitatur naturam, non quod novam aedificet, sed quod illius naturae virtutem subtiliet. Ad haec incipit ars proficere, ubi natura deficit, subtilem naturam in te inclusam detegere, et ipsam manifestare.

Here, however, these concepts are organized in a way that sheds a degree of light on what is obscure and elusive in their traditional use. What Paracelsus insists on above all is the essential character of the relationship between the visible and the invisible component in every existing object, the corporeal and the incorporeal, the material and the spiritual. Nothing can in general be conceived that does not include a spiritual essence, an invisible formal principle which is the foundation of its being; on the other hand, for this principle to be sustained it must be embodied in a corporeal substratum, through which it can be revealed.

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Alchemy and Chemistry in the 16th and 17th Centuries by Michela Pereira (auth.), Piyo Rattansi, Antonio Clericuzio (eds.)

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