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Gerard Clauson's An Etymological Dictionary of Pre-13th Century Turkish PDF

By Gerard Clauson

ISBN-10: 0198641125

ISBN-13: 9780198641124

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Shaw Shcherbak Shnit. sic Studies Suci Suff. Suv. syn. W. $ SS Sor Su. survives only in. see SKPAW. (Latin) sub woce, 'under the word . ' south-western language group, para. 62. Sagay, N E language, para. 57. $eyh Sami, para. 62. Sanglax, para. 34 (3). Sang Yugur, modern S E language, para. 58. Secondary (form). R. B. Shaw, para. 58. A. M. Shcherbak, para. 64 (5). B. N. para. 59. (Latin) sic, 'thus'. Turkish and Mongolian Studies, para. I. Suci inscription, para. 21 (2). suffix. Suvarnaprabhfisaszitra, para.

27: Osm. xrv E. u d l u t is common till xvr and u t yeri till xvrr, both occur sporadically thereafter TTS 1730; 11934; 111718; I V 790; ud/ut yeri is mentioned in xrx dicts; in xx Anat. ud SDI3 1412 occurs and u t is fairly common do. 1422. 7 avlt-/avut- 'to comfort, console', f&b 1 7 ; oyut- ditto 116; a v u t - Nahc. 107. 4; Kom. ) ditto C C G ; G r . 268: K I P . xrv a w u t - 'to comlnrt' (pijola) a crying child' Id. 25: O s m . xv avtt- 'to comfort' T T S I I 68. )'; pcc. to Xak. v. Xak.

See Kaf. I 20. -k- (after vowels and -r-)l-lk-1-ik-1-uk-l-iik- when attached to Intrans. g. a:G- 'to be hungry'; aqlk- 'to be famished', see K f i ~ . 1 zo; when attached to Trans. s forms either Pass. g. San$- 'to rout'; sanglk- 'to be routed'; or Intrans. g. ); rather rare. - t ~ k - l - d u k - forms Emphatic Pass. ) in bulduk-, bastlk-. SUFFIXES xlvii forms Emphatic Pass. g. bil- 'to know'; bilsik- 'to be well known, notorious'; see K 4 . I zr ; N 138, 237; rare. -I-l-11-lil-l-ul-l-ul- the normal Suff.

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