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Download e-book for iPad: An (Un)Likely Alliance: Thinking Environment(s) with Deleuze by Bernd Herzogenrath

By Bernd Herzogenrath

ISBN-10: 1443800368

ISBN-13: 9781443800365

This quantity provides an unique and in-depth examine dedicated to the dialogue and relevance of the idea of 'the atmosphere' and 'ecology' in the frame-work and 'ontology' of the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze and Fel???­x Guattari. Their non-dualist and materialist re-thinking of those matters is analyzed from numerous positions inside Cultural experiences and Sciences. 'Thinking environment[s]' with Deleuze|Guattari is up to now faraway from what should be termed '(intellectual) tree-hugging' ?? it's primarily a decision to imagine complexity, and to advanced pondering, the way to imagine the surroundings as a negotiation of dynamic preparations of human and nonhuman stressors, either one of that are trained and 'intelligent.' It refers to a practical and site-specific tracing of infinitely advanced preparations, and as such can't depend both on a conception of cultural constructivism, nor on a natural|biological determinism. Deleuze|Guattari offer an invaluable toolbox for this type of venture. 'Nature,' 'landscape,' 'environment' ?? in postmodern instances, all of those phrases and their connotations can not be constrained to what one may perhaps name 'the natural.' At a time while increasingly more artists (not to say scientists!) function at the threshold among biology and expertise, the separation among the common and the technological|cultural turns out, as Deleuze|Guattari retain, not tenable. This ebook hence goals at an intensive re-thinking of those suggestions from a Deleuzian|Guattarian (i.e. non-dualist and materialist) standpoint.

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One experiences oneself to be a genuine part of all life. (Ecology, Community and Lifestyle 1 73-4) Patrick Hayden 39 Naess goes on to argue that the wider identification characteristic of the "deep, comprehensive and ecological self' contributes to an understanding of biocentric equality, that all things in nature are equal with respect to their ability to achieve self-realization, implying that harming other entities is equal to hanning one's own self through the elimination of potentials for self/Self-realization.

Hence, the need for three ecologies. Of these ecologies, social ecology is the theory and practice concerned with the degradation of social conditions, and with the reconstruction of human relations and liberty at all levels of the socius, or social field. Such Patrick Hayden 41 phenomena as urban decay; capitalistic expansion, and exploitation of territory and labour; subjugation of women, the unemployed, immigrants, the homeless, and children; the rise of religious fundamentalisms and cultural intolerance are to be considered as effects of the decline and pollution of the social environment.

I I The general outlook of social ecology presented so far seems to find some strong points of agreement with the naturalistic and micropolitical aspects of Deleuze's thought. Deleuze has consistently criticized the destructive effects of a 'universal capitalism,' the totalizing functions of State apparatuses, the oppression of Patrick Hayden 37 nationalist, racist, and sexist 'majoritarianisms,' and the dangers presented by the basic tendency to divorce the creative becomings of life from social existence.

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