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Download PDF by David Baltimore (Eds.): Animal Virology

By David Baltimore (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 0120773503

ISBN-13: 9780120773503

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Sedimentation of the SV40 transcription complex Fig. 2 shows that the transcription activity found in sarkosyl supernatant of infected cells sediments at about 25S. We had previously given a 80S value for the viral transcription complex (10), which is the S value found when there is no sarkosyl in the sucrose gradient. In that case, it is possible that the proteins released from DNA by sarkosyl (11] associate again with SV40 DNA. ) infected cultures (methods). 25% sarkosyl). Fractions were collected and assayed for endogenous 60 ANIMAL VIROLOGY 14 RNA-polymerase activity ( · #J or C DNA ( A 4).

P o l y r i b o s o m e s initiate on the m e s s e n g e r RNA's at or near the 5' end, and t r a n s l a t e the 5' t e r m i n a l gene. After translation of the 5' t e r m i n a l p r o ­ tein, a terminational signal is reached and the r i b o s o m e s are r e l e a s e d . The other genes on the m e s s e n g e r RNA a r e not t r a n s l a t e d . 39 3, NIKOLAUS MUELLER-LANTZSCH ef al. MATERIALS AND METHODS Cells and V i r u s e s : M-MuLV Clone No. 1 c e l l s , a line of NIH-3T3 cells productively infected at endpoint dilution with M-MuLV w e r e grown as described previously (7).

NIKOLAUS MUELLER-LANTZSCH etal. than the 30-3 5S mRNA from unprecipitated polyribo somes as shown in panel d). This slight difference in size between the immunoprecipitated 30-35S mRNA and the unprecipitated polyribo some 30-3 5S mRNA was reproducibly observed in s e v e r a l t r i a l s with the M-MuLV Clone No. 1 c e l l s . In a separate experiment, polyribo somes were incubated with n o r m a l rabbit s e r u m and Staphylococcus a u r e u s , and the precipitated m a t e r i a l was purified and the RNA was analyzed as above.

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