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S. Patents and two patents pending; see App. F. Two of these six patents were obtained during this NERI project. Both of the patents pending (items 1 and 4 of App. S. Patent Office to protect ideas that arose from work under this NERI project. No licensing agreements presently exist for use of these patents. Appendix G lists the technical publications and oral presentations of this NERI work. Appendix H lists recent technical publications and conference papers for related projects in forewarning of biomedical event and structural failures.

These issues did not impact cost performance or project schedule. 24 Table 8. 2: Collaborators map potential commercialization 09/03 09/03 09/03 09/03 Milestone/task description REFERENCES 1. M. W. Golay and C. W. Kang, “On-Line Monitoring for Improved Nuclear Power Plant Availability and Operational Advice -Active Equipment Monitoring: Rotating Machinery,” pp. 12−13, MIT-ANP-TR-057, Vol. I, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, February 1998. 2. James E. Campbell and Bruce M. 1),” Nuclear Energy Research Initiative (NERI), “Smart” Equipment and Systems to Improve Reliability and Safety in Future Nuclear Power Plant Operations, September 2001.

ORNL responded to Martinez with revisions on December 17, 2002. The final PY2 summary for this NERI2000-109 project was included in the DOE/NE-20 NERI 2002 Annual Report. Hively and Protopopescu prepared and submitted an extended abstract, “Forewarning of Machine Failure via Nonlinear Analysis,” to the San Diego meeting (June 1−5, 2003) of the 21 22 American Nuclear Society (ANS). This paper was presented by Protopopescu and summarizes work under this NERI project. Hively presented a paper, “Detection of Changing Dynamics in Physiological Time Series,” to the ANS meeting in Gatlinburg, Tennessee (April 8, 2003).

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Ann Rpt - Forewarn of Failure - Critical Equip at Next-Gen Nuclear Powerplants

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