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By Julie Kenner

ISBN-10: 0505524740

ISBN-13: 9780505524744

Aphrodite’s Girdle is lacking, and the mystical artifact will take all of Hale’s superpowers to retrieve. the lady who stumbled on the belt—one Tracy Tannin—wasn’t precisely Ms. well known sooner than wearing it. Now all people wishes her, together with a few very nasty undesirable guys.

 But the golden girdle can in simple terms be recovered via sincere capability, so changing into invisible and snatching it easily won’t paintings. Plus, Hale’s activity is to guard mortals. No, there’s little likelihood of evading interplay and each likelihood of falling in love. each hero has a special quest, and the extra time Hale spends retaining her, the clearer it turns into that Tracy’s a goddess worthy devotion, it doesn't matter what she’s wearing.

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He glanced down at his watch. Considering the time change, that would put him there in the afternoon. Propulsion cloaks were a fabulous thing. A. and check out the granddaughter while Taylor tried to find out about Tahlula’s will. It wasn’t guaranteed to work, but it was a solid start. He frowned, remembering Zephron’s words. ” For a moment, he thought the Elder wouldn’t answer. Then Zephron pulled himself up to his full height. “Clearly this is an important task—the fate of the world depends on its success.

His supremely confident expression suggested that he knew precisely how frazzled she was, and that he was more than happy to be the one frazzling her. Their gazes locked for a few seconds before his smile broadened. “Well, guess I better run. ” One last show of pearly white teeth, then he turned away. Tracy waved after him, her hand still limp in the air when Mel wandered up to the trailer a few moments later. “Are you saluting? ” Melissa had moved to Los Angeles from Ohio years ago, and her favorite pastime was picking on Tracy’s hometown.

Not that it usually bothered her, but on occasion it would be nice to be noticed. And now, to be noticed by a guy she’d had a crush on for months ... “The man practically oozes ulterior motives,” Mel said. ” Tracy crossed her arms, determined to savor the moment. “No way. ” She refused to believe Leon just wanted something. He’d seemed so sweet, so sincere. And, besides, he knew darn well that Mel was in charge of the animals. How much power did he think an assistant had? She stood up straighter, hoping to convince herself as much as her boss.

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